Inbound Process Planning

Innovative logistics concepts for the stable supply of production sites within international procurement networks

Inbound Process Planning

We support customers from industry and trade in the design and optimization of strategies, structures and processes of procurement logistics. To this end, we use innovative proprietary planning software and draw on extensive process know-how and best-practice knowledge.

Our goal: always to develop customer-specific solutions that take account of the specific requirements and framework conditions, thus reducing the process costs of inbound logistics holistically by optimally designing the external as well as the internal process elements.

Starting Point

The complexity of the procurement networks in industry and trade is high and continues to grow. Drivers for this are, among other things, persistent internationalization, increasing number of variants, the trend towards a shift in value creation and the involvement of additional service partners.

In addition, there are increasing demands on the resilience and flexibility of value chains due to shorter product life cycles, greater fluctuations in demand and, last but not least, external influences.

In addition, the advancing digitization not only changes the form of communication between the value-adding partners among themselves. Established logistics concepts are supplemented or completely replaced by new technical possibilities.


  • Reduction of costs along the entire process chain from supplier to the place of use.
    This includes in detail:

    • Reduction of external transport costs
    • Restricted area of logistics
    • Reduction of material stocks at the plant
    • Correct feeding of parts to the installation site
    • Optimization of in-plant handling and transport costs
  • Ensuring security of supply through stable process chains. This is achieved by:
    • Flexibility in supply channels
    • Reduction of process risks
    • Adaptable workforce
    • Targeted remuneration systems and contract design


Depending on the concrete challenge, a project-specific approach is coordinated with the customer from a generic approach


Data collection & analysis

Data analysis, process recording, organizational structure, IT systems

Conception & evaluation

Process model optimization, scenario planning, simulation, layout, material flow

Detailed planning and tendering

Sensitivity, Loan Evaluation, Vendor Evaluation, Negotiation, Price Models, Contract Design

Realization support & controlling

Training, start-up management, CIP
  • Transport networks
  • Production Footprint
  • Overseas supply concepts


  • Total-Landed-Cost-Simulations
  • Make-Or-Buy
  • Process cost evaluations
  • Conversion of purchasing conditions
  • Synergy Planning & Transport Cooperations
  • Delivery frequencies
  • Transport segmentation, route optimization, milk run


  • Accompanying tender process & goods receipts
  • Develop price models


  • Freight management and controlling
  • Organizational concepts for transport departments
  • Simulation of alternative supply concepts
  • Route optimization


  • Coarse concept material bearings
  • Specifications IT tenders


  • Implementation support for LSP in outsourcing contracts Controlling for LSP
  • Controlling for LSP

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