Supply Chain Planning

Designing your best Supply Chain with LOCOM Software

Supply Chain Planning

Optimal supply chain alignment is an important competitive factor for every company.

Fewer costs, minimal stock, optimal service levels: Markets and customers demand constant planning and rationalization along the entire chain of logistics.

LOCOM’s planning software supports the strategic and tactical alignment of both inbound and outbound supply chains. Adapt more easily to new operational circumstances by having decision relevant information more readily available.

All planning rests on representative real data and the general conditions that describe the logistics network under analysis. This data is carefully modeled and processed by software designed to analyze, simulate, and optimize logistics.

Planning Compass

  • Network planning
  • Region planning
  • Location planning
  • Strategic transport planning
  • Transport consolidation planning
  • Route planning

Support planning

  • Visualize and analyze
  • Evaluate costs
  • Optimization procedures
  • Scenario techniques

Simulation reveals optimization potentials

A reliable thorough picture of the entire supply chain reveals weak points and where to aim for optimization.

LOCOM’s software contains integrated distance reference works and calculation functions that enable you to easily discover patterns for shipping distances and volumes, weekly shipping tenor, and transport costs per item. Generous geographical material uses maps to visualize global logistics networks and enhance your logistics planning.

Beginning with your given operational circumstances, LOCOM software generates a model of your supply chain that will serve as the starting point for optimizing your logistics activities. Computerized mathematical methods then determine the best locations for your facilities, the best division of regions, and how to efficiently organize customers and transport. Scenario simulations for proposed solutions and improvements allow you to immediately compare the costs and savings involved tied to each recommendation.

Customized Software Solutions

LOCOM software is an arrangement of modules. Clients can choose the solution that suits their needs. Below is a selection of features from the software packages Logistics Designer and XCargo. In order to decide which software is appropriate for your planning purposes please Contact us – Our consultants will be pleased to assist you.

Strategic Planning with XCargo

  • Data management in Microsoft Excel
  • Quick intermediary results
  • Minimal training prerequisites
  • Suitable for small and medium-sized planning tasks

Planning Platform Logistics Designer

  • A standardized planning procedure
  • Multi-level Logistics Networks
  • Comprehensive examination of 
    order and transport volumes
  • Standardized data bases
  • Continual planning exercises

Planning for global markets: LOCOM SCS

  • Visibility of the supply chain
  • Controlling of the supply chain
  • Tactical simulation
  • Identify cost reduction potentials
  • Enhance the services within the supply chain
  • Design and modelling of the optimized supply chain
  • Strategical planning of logistics networks

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