Supply Chain Strategy

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Strategically Planning Supply Chains

Based on your overall corporate strategy, alternatives are designed for an agile supply chain so that defined service specifications can be achieved at the lowest possible costs

Starting Point

A well-functioning supply chain is critical for most companies. Since the logistics costs represent between 10% and 20% of total costs, depending on the region and industry, efficient structures and processes along the supply chain influence your business result.

In addition, smart logistics offers decisive possibilities for differentiation compared to the competition through appropriate and targeted offers of services.


  • Reduce costs along the entire suuply chain (inbound, production, distribution)
  • Improve service offer (availability, accessibility and timeliness in delivery)
  • Make-or-buy decisions (outsourcing of transport and logistics services)
  • Use of digitalization opportunities for logistics (evaluation and selection of IT systems)
  • Identify and resolve performance deficiencies (benchmark, increase productivity )


We optimize costs and services with scenario-oriented network planning. The robustness against future changes is also vastly improved.

We achieve this through the use of planning methods, which show solutions with the aid of simulation and optimization tools


Optimization of supply chain structures

Storage levels, locations, segmentation, assortments

Integration of all available supply chain information into a data warehouse

Data from ERP and BI systems are merged

Optimization of supply chain according to different criteria

Assessment of options usin Scenario Method

Development of suitable organizational models

Make-or-Buy, operational and organizational structure

Derive the requirements for the IT systems

Logistics IT architecture, tool selection, etc.

Conception of a viable implementation plan and change concept

We support your change management from conception to implementation

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