Tender Management

Integrated and structured tender and contract management

Tender and contract management for logistics service providers and shippers

From the tender to the offer and selecting the best partner


The entire process from tendering to the provision of the tender. We ensure transparency on costs and margins on the internal billing side and calculate a supply matrix in the structure that the customer needs. Existing data is screened, cleaned up and processed for further calculation. A representative data and quantity framework is created for a qualified calculation. The final offer matrix is applied to the movement data to simulate possible scenarios.

As shipper:

Many service contracts to coordinate and manage? The tendering process begins when the area is selected and the target format is determined. In the course of a call for tenders with several invitations for quotes, tenders are compared, surcharges are given for areas and transparent contract documentation is ensured. For each relation, all options are clearly presented and assigned to service providers at the lowest cost.

Starting Point

It all starts with the tender. In this case, the shipper either publishes certain geographic areas or different transport goods to a logistics service provider.


for the LSP:

  • economic calculation when integrating into the existing network and remain competitive through market-oriented prices
  • lack of transparency and the possibility of influencing internal cost parameters
  • Availability of geocoding and true-to-reality transmission data that is as comprehensive as possible
  • Transformation of the cost situation and manning into the target format desired by the shipper (Distance and weight-dependent cargo tariffs, zonal tariffs, minimum procedures, maximum procedure, consignment price or relative freight rate with minimum and / or maximum, etc.)

for the shipper:

  • Reduce transport costs for certain areas and check the current LSP
  • Cut meaningful areas and publish the tender documents
  • Compare incoming offers qualitatively and completely
  • Dedicated choice for individual areas or transport goods
  • Transparency on the impact of changing the transport structure or service providers on production and costs


For LSP:

  • Transparency of internal costs
  • Maximising profit
  • Compliance with competitiveness

For shippers:

  • Minimize transport costs
  • Transparency across all contracts


An automated and parameterizable transmission generator based on Excel is used for the generation of transmission data


Determine status

By adjusting the actual situation, the transport model is calibrated

Calculate costs

Calculation of the process costs by means of the factor use of the service providers

Calculate benchmarks

Benchmarking actual cost with process costs and comparable conditions

Optimize transport

Optimization of transport requirements and transport structures

Prepare tender

Preparation of a tender

Call for tenders

Tendering and contracting

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