Transport Management

From tactical planning of delivery frequencies and lot sizes to operational transport disposition

The Crux of Organized Logistics

Efficient software solutions contribute considerably to lowering costs for transport and operational performance.

Starting point

  • Transport planning is a black box for shippers as well as  receivers
  • The receivers or shippers communicate with suppliers and customers about orders. The supplier then orders the transport, even though the recipient pays the transport costs
  • Optimization options in transport are only used by the logistics service provider. The potential for optimization of the total transport volume of a recipient or shipper is thus lost
  • Transparency in the supply chain is difficult to achieve



  • Reduce transport costs by optimizing delivery routes and transports
  • Supply chain visibility up to item-level
  • In conjunction with Track & Trace systems, an efficient supply chain event management can be established

Freight Invoicing and Freight Cost Control with CARGO

CARGO controls freight invoicing automatically. Based on the work flow, CARGO moves through the invoicing process, providing clear and secure assistance for all activities from importing the data to generating accounting records.



Generate vouchers and invoices.


Manage complexly organized tariffs.

Freight cost allocation

Allot freight costs to their causes.

Invoice transparency

Make invoicing processes transparent.

Check freight costs

Reporting and Controlling

CARGO Präsentation


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