Warehouse optimization

Intelligent warehouse logistics: keeping an eye on the stock – optimize your warehouses

Warehouse optimization with intelligent software solutions from LOCOM

Use cases for warehouse optimization

  • Inventory simulation: Simulate the amount of your stocks at any time in the future using different ordering rules
  • Item allocation: Arrange your items for the most appropriate compartments and calculate the space requirements of your warehouse
  • Pack optimization: Find the best packaging for items in boxes, containers, etc.

Starting Point

Excessively high inventories or storage locations that are not optimally used can lead to high costs. On the other hand too low stocks can lead to failures in service


The objective of the stock simulation is to give as much transparency as possible according to rhythm and quantities of articles to meet a wide range of requirements such as minimum stocks, availability, etc.

The aim of the article assignment is to provide your assortment in the warehouse in such a way that space is minimized, certain items are quickly reachable or other conditions are met.

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